1What areas does Diligent Delivery provide delivery service and courier service to?
Diligent Delivery is a Lansing, Michigan delivery and courier service and provides services in southern and mid-Michigan.
2How far ahead of time must I schedule a delivery?
Diligent Delivery can accommodate almost any request, including last minute pick-up and deliveries and well-established, pre-planned courier delivery services.
3How long will it take for Diligent Delivery to deliver my package?
Delivery estimates depend upon the distance between package pick-up and delivery. Our drivers know the best routes to quickly and safely get every package to its final destination.
4How much does Diligent Delivery charge for courier delivery services?
Charges for our package delivery services vary depending on your pick-up and delivery locations. Rush delivery is also available at an additional charge. For more detailed pricing, please contact Diligent Delivery at 810-836-2349.
5Does Diligent Delivery provide a delivery pickup service?
Yes. Diligent Delivery will pick-up and deliver your packages anywhere in Southern or Mid-Michigan.
6What makes Diligent Delivery a better business delivery solution then other delivery or courier services in the Lansing area?
Diligent Delivery is more than your average courier service. We are your dependable, on time, service-oriented delivery partner that works with you to ensure speedy deliver of your products. Serving Southern and Mid-Michigan, Diligent Delivery works with clients of every size to ensure that delivery deadlines are always made.
7How do I schedule a pick-up or delivery of my package?
You can schedule a pick-up or delivery by contacting Diligent Delivery at 810-836-2349. Remember, Diligent Delivery is a Michigan delivery service, serving the Lansing area and Southern and Mid-Michigan.
8How can I be sure my package will arrive on-time?
At Diligent Delivery, we guarantee on-time pick-up and delivery of your products. Our courier specialists pre-plan routes for your company so that your packages ALWAYS arrive on-time, no matter what. We have never missed a delivery - EVER.
9Does Diligent Delivery only provide courier services for small companies or can they handle large projects?
Serving Southern and Mid-Michigan, Diligent Delivery works with clients of every size to ensure that delivery deadlines are always made. Whether your package is going across the street or across the state, Diligent Delivery's professionally trained staff work with you throughout the lifecycle of your projects to ensure that our courier service is always fast and dependable.
10If I choose Diligent Delivery as my courier service, what type of service can I expect?
At Diligent Delivery, we are focused on customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on bringing a new standard of quality and reliability to the same-day delivery industry. From the moment you call us, our delivery professionals will work with you develop a customized program to meet all of your needs. From individualized routes to patient and courteous drivers, Diligent Delivery takes great pride in delivering you the highest level of service.

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