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As a Michigan Courier Service Diligent Delivery is many things.  We pride ourselves on being reliable, prompt, and friendly.  Additionally we are service oriented and make it our goal to meet and exceed all client expectations. We work hard to ensure that all deliveries arrive in a quick manner and always on time.

If you have arrived at this website looking for a Michigan Courier Service you will be please to find that this site houses a complete list of the different types of delivery services as well as courier services we currently offer.  In addition to our standard services clients may also create a modified courier service to fit the needs of their business model.

Lansing Delivery Service

The hundreds of companies who choose our Lansing Delivery Service do so because they know we are dependable, punctual, and service-oriented. We pick up from and deliver to businesses large and small from a wide variety of industries. Our clients rely on Lansing Delivery Service to provide them with a number of diverse services. For example, our Lansing Delivery Service can schedule a driver to pick up legal documents from a P.O. Box, or deliver automobile parts or other freight.

Lansing Delivery Service makes pick ups from multiple merchants- so you can stock your company’s board room with enough decorations, flowers, cakes, and food for a large office celebration. Imagine how long that would take if you left up to your assistant? Sending an office employee instead of calling for a Lansing Delivery Service driver is common mistake that office managers make all too often.

Downfalls of Sending Employees to Run Errands

  • Employees may resent “extra” duties
  • Deliveries might not be in the workers’ job description
  • Hourly workers might take advantage of unaccountability
  • Liability- Accident or injury outside of office might not be covered by insurance
  • Unforeseen delays occur
    • Auto/foot traffic
    • Bad weather
    • Long lines
  • Company loses money twice!
    • Loss of production / empty desk
    • Wages paid during errands

Don’t let these possibilities become reality at your company! Contact Lansing Delivery Service and leave it to the pros! Being safety and service oriented, we only employ highly qualified chauffeur-licensed drivers, and Lansing Delivery Service strategically maps out each route to ensure efficiency.

Lansing Delivery Service can pick up and deliver virtually anything to virtually any one! We are the well-oiled Lansing division of the “Michigan machine” known as Diligent Delivery- so you can trust we operate at nothing less than peak performance.

Try us out for the first time, and we’ll give you ten percent off of your delivery to welcome you.


Grand Rapids Delivery Service

Whether your company needs a scheduled bank deposit delivery on a daily basis or requires a
one-time rushed airport pick-up, Grand Rapids Delivery Service has got your order covered. You can rest easy knowing that one of the detail-oriented customer service reps at Grand Rapids Delivery Service was efficient at gathering all the relevant details. We ask all the right questions while still remaining conscientious of time. So whether you call Grand Rapids Delivery Service for a pick-up of your boss’s luggage, or to get your important documents delivered, your experience will be worry-free.

We make numerous pick ups and deliveries for:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Architectural Firms
  • Video Production Companies
  • Marketing Firms
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Printing Facilities
  • Engineering Firms
  • Automobile Parts Services
  • Automobile Manufacturers
  • Printing Facilities
  • And many more!

Perhaps our personalized service is part of what makes Grand Rapids Delivery Service the premiere choice of hundreds of local companies. Or maybe they choose us because Grand Rapids Delivery Service is versatile enough to bring a late night snack to a hospital staff, then deliver a sensitive piece of evidence into a lawyer’s hands before a trial.

Grand Rapids Delivery Service also boasts:

  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Chauffer-Licensed drivers
  • State of the art logistics
  • Customized routes
  • Consideration and confidentiality
  • Expert knowledge of Grand Rapids Delivery Service area
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery and pick-ups

Contact us whenever you need virtually anything to go from one place to another without leaving the comfort of your desk or home. Grand Rapids Delivery Service is a member of the trusted Diligent Delivery company- the delivery powerhouse with a knack for people!

There are so many more diverse reasons to choose Grand Rapids Delivery Service, and while you can read what our clients say about us, but maybe you haven’t experienced us first-hand. We’d like to change that by offering ten percent off of your first delivery to show you exactly how our standards set us apart from the rest!

Michigan Delivery Service

With so many choices in delivery service companies, it can be difficult to pick the right one. Michigan Delivery Service can help anyone get just about anything to just about anywhere - and we are fully licensed, insured, and certified by the Michigan Public Service Committee (MPSC). Dependable, fast, and trustworthy, our drivers are selected for hire based on rigorous criterion and our service reps are naturally detail-oriented.

On-time Deliveries

Whether it’s across the street or across the state, Diligent Delivery’s licensed drivers are always on-time with your package. We understand that any delay can cost you dearly, so our delivery experts pre-plan delivery routes to ensure that your package is never delayed by traffic or construction. We continually monitor our planned routes for delays and make any changes required to ensure your delivery is on-time. So when you want punctuality that’s guaranteed, choose Michigan Delivery Service!

Those who live or work in the Lansing or Grand Rapids area can rest easy knowing that Diligent Delivery’s Michigan Delivery Service is there to handle all of your delivery needs. Reliable and efficient, Michigan Delivery Service makes sure your cargo arrives in good condition to its rightful recipient. No matter what you want to send, Diligent Delivery offers you a number of options and tailors the delivery to your needs.

Call Diligent Delivery to book a pick up or delivery for the first time, and we’ll give you ten percent off to welcome you!

Courier Delivery Messenger Service

When you consider how sensitive medical and legal deliveries can be, as a sender your want to be certain that your deliveries get to their destinations on time and in proper condition. You want to be sure that you choose the best Courier Delivery Messenger Service possible. Diligent Deliveries offers this service to Michigan residents and provides the most reliable courier service to its clients.

Diligent Delivery can assist you with Legal Deliveries to places such as law firms and if need be your lawyer. Equally as sensitive is medical deliveries. Perhaps you have something you need sent to a Doctor's Offices, or Optical Lab. These are deliveries that you want transported safely and quickly so that both you and your business remain reliable. Diligent Delivery also provides service to travelers those who simply do not have time to pick up their luggage from the airport. Our luggage delivery service allows you to go about your business while we oversee the pick up of your baggage.

If you are in need of International Shipping, we recommend using uShip for UK Courier Services. It is a transportation and delivery marketplace that matches businesses and consumers with transporters who have excess cargo space.

Contact Diligent Delivery today for your Michigan Delivery and Courier needs! You'll save 10% on your first delivery! AND remember, every delivery will be on time, whether it's a rush delivery, bank delivery, medical delivery, or any other Michigan delivery...always.


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